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At Cardinal Home Realty, we offer you personal, professional, and courteous service, combined with free access to our powerful search tools and valuable guides to finding and purchasing a home in our Greater Louisville marketplace.

We realize you have many choices available to you when it comes to real estate, and that’s why we have created our Buyer’s Advantage Program.  Our Buyer’s Advantage Program works simply because when properties are made available (listed) in the active market, it is normal and customary for the Seller to pay any commissions to cooperating brokers who help to find a buyer for their property.  This is a fact of Real Estate Agency Law–while the Seller pays for the value of our service, we actually work and actively negotiate on YOUR behalf. This means that as your Buyer’s Agent, we help you locate, view, negotiate, and close on your new home AT NO COST TO YOU!  You get the advantage of our experience, representing your best interests, intent on negotiating the best deal possible for you, and all this if FREE to you as a homebuyer.  We offer you access to all properties listed by all real estate companies, including foreclosures and bank-owned properties, and we make the home buying process simple and easy for you.

We think you’ve taken a great first step in actively searching for properties on your own.  We’ve found over the years that the people who are happiest with their homes are the ones that were actively involved in the search process!  We’re available to give you as little or as much assistance as you’d like in locating properties, and we respect your online privacy and time.  When you need our professional assistance, that’s when you know you can count on us to provide you with the best possible service and representation.

By enrolling in the Buyer’s Advantage Program, you will receive significant advantages when you decide to work with us in your search for a home!


As you’ve hopefully seen by now, our website’s search tools makes searching for a home in the Greater Louisville area simple, easy, and powerful.  We give you a backstage pass to the Multiple Listing Service (MLS), the same service real estate agents use to find properties.  Unlike other sites you may visit on the web, our properties are automatically updated on a DAILY basis using our powerful Internet Data Exchange (IDX) service.  This ensures you have the most complete, most updated information at your fingertips.  Did you know many search sites on the web don’t have an updating feature such as ours?  That means, the properties you’re looking at on these sites may have been already sold months ago, or they may have had price reductions or special incentives added that you wouldn’t know about.  With our site, this doesn’t happen–our information is fresh and up-to-date.  You can search using any and all of our search forms, and you can save your favorite properties and request daily email updates for properties as well.   This way, you get to act on hot properties before most agents even show them to other buyers. This service puts you in position to act quickly on some of the best deals in the market, in addition to giving you one place to easily organize all your home hunting efforts.  We make sure our we have a wide variety of means to search for properties, and we have the best and most numerous color photos of each property.

We are so intent on providing you, our potential client, with the most access possible, that we have had our site custom-designed specifically to give you search features that aren’t featured in typical real estate sites, and we make this service completely free to you.


Most properties on the active real estate market are shared through the IDX service.  This service allows brokers to share other brokers’ listings directly across the internet with potential homebuyers. This is how we’re able to provide you with all listings from all agents that participate in the IDX.  In fact, at the time of this writing, Louisville Home Search Online has over 9500 properties available for you to view online! While most properties that are on the MLS are included in the IDX service, a few are not.  Some brokers would actually make it difficult for you, the actual home buyer, to find the property on your own, something we strongly disagree with, but there are cases where this “old school” approach to real estate may make it difficult for you to see a property that matches your needs.  No worries–when we know what type of home you are looking for, we can conduct searches through the agent-only MLS sections to find these properties and send them directly to you.  Also, we actively track the “shadow inventory” on the market–properties that aren’t on the active market, but we know the owner(s) may be interested in selling, and properties that were for sale at one time, but may presently be off the market, and often are available to a serious buyer.  There are also other search filters and techniques we have available as agents that can help make sure we’re turning up every possible home that might be of interest to you.


We offer our Buyer’s Advantage participants access to a number of custom-prepared reports, including guides to the home buying process, loans and advice on qualifying for the best financing, access to special financing that offers very low to no-down financing in certain cases (on approved credit, terms and conditions apply), and advice on how to save THOUSANDS on the purchase of a home.  We also have Community Reports that let you know a wide range of information on a neighborhood you’re interested in, along with many other valuable guides, all designed to ensure you find the best home, get the best deal, and have the best experience possible.


Financing is a fact of life in the majority of real estate purchases, and it can be a complex and confusing process to wade through alone.  While there have been so many changes in the banking industry these past couple of years, the truth is simple–the Greater Louisville market is amazingly sound and affordable compared to the rest of the country, and today’s ultra-low interest rates make our market an even BETTER buy than ever before! The challenge is finding professionals that are willing to help you through the loan qualification and approval process.  We have already identified and have solid working relationships with these invaluable lenders.  With us, we’ve developed trusted lenders who deliver the best loans to our buyers.  In fact, our lenders are the most GENEROUS at getting our buyers approved.  In addition, we have access to specialized grant programs and specific loan programs that offer very little to sometimes even nothing down financing (on approved credit, terms and conditions apply).  DON’T wade through today’s complicated lending markets alone!  We have the experience to recommend lenders who will work for you, and get you approved with the best deals possible.


When it comes time to go out and actually view potential properties, leave the busy work up to us.  We work with you to put together a list of properties you’d like to see, then we do all the complicated appointment setting and coordination to get access to these properties so we can have a pleasant Buyer Tour.  As we show you through homes, we’re able to give you our professional opinions and advice on the homes’ condition and value compared to price.  We make sure you see the properties you want to see, in a simple and pleasant fashion.


We have over 15 years of full-time, professional experience in negotiating the best possible terms, prices, and concessions on your behalf when you choose to allow us to represent you.  We understand the in’s-and-out’s of the real estate negotiation process obtained from hundreds of successful negotiations.  We provide you with access to all active, pending, and sold properties that compare to the property you’re interested in, so we can devise the best possible price for you to offer.  We also use this information in our presentation to the Seller, to make your offer as strong and desirable as possible. In addition, we are highly skilled in asking sellers for concessions, and these concessions often add up to THOUSANDS of dollars of savings for you.  We also make sure to protect your best interests by giving you a generous “free look” inspection period, in order for us to be able to revisit the property and have a professional inspector inspect the property on your behalf and request any repairs the property might need be paid for by the Seller.


We don’t ask for any complicated, long-term contract to use our services.  You are under no obligation to buy a home at any time.  We only respectfully ask for your loyalty.  If you like the way we work, and value the time, effort, and wide array of advantages and benefits we offer you as a potential home buyer, we hope you’ll allow us to represent you when it comes time to view properties and find and negotiate just the right one for you. We provide you with a level of service that frankly, we don’t think you’ll find anywhere else, and we will strive to meet and far exceed your expectations at every stage of the process towards finding you a new home.

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